बीवी हो तो एसी

बीवी हो तो एसी (AC nahi)

kabhi kabhi "LOG" mujhse meri paand ki ladki poochte hain
ye post unhi ke liye hai..
jata dhayan se padhe or ho sake to esi ladki mujhe bataye taki mai jaldi se jaldi "UNKE" (unke ka prayog usko rescept dene ke liye kiya gaya hai, eska doosra matlab na nikalen) saath shadi kar sakun

Physical specifications:

A. Weight:

1. weight should be less than factorial(5)/2-6.
2. should be divisible by 2 and 3.
3. must be greater than 49.672310093 Kg.
4. should not very with time.

B. Height:

1. height must follow the following conditions.

m_h + h_h >= 329 cm
m_h - h_h <= 13 cm

where m_h is a rare constant called my height and is equal to 175 cm
and h_h is her height.

2. should be a function to time and age.
mathematically we can define it as
h = fun(T, A).

3. should be directelly proportional to time but should not increase after a certain threshold value of age.

C. Color:

1. The R, G, B Component of color of her skin should be in such a way that the look and feel is like google home page robust, secure, elegent and simple. because the more simple it is the more beautiful it will become.

2. Should not fade with time

3. Should not be very colorful.

D. Age.
Her age should follow the following limits
19 < A < 54.

Pay attention on the upper limits.
It shows that my doors are open for all
from Dipika Padukone(age 19y 23 days) to Rekha Ji(Age 53y 10 days).

E. Skin:

1. The reflective index of her skin should be 1.

2. The outermost layer of her skin should be wrinkle free.

Nonphysical property:

1. should be a nice, funloving and caring.

2. must have a great sence of humor.

3. should have a positive attitude towards life.

4. should be emotionally balanced.

5. must be intelligent and open minded.

6. physically fit and slim yet powerful like nokia 6300.

7. point 2 is must, yes i repeat "sence of humor" is important.
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Udan Tashtari said...

:) सही है पसंद!!

PD said...

अरे इत्ता बड़ा कापीराइट.. हमको तो अच्छा लगा सो नोट करके रख लिए हैं.. अगली बार अपने घर वालो को हम भी यही दिखायेंगे.. :) अब आप ही बताइये, किसी किताब से नोट्स बनाने के कापी राइट का उल्लंघन होता है क्या?? नहीं न.. :)
बस एक जगह बदलाव किये हैं..

m_h + h_h >= 355 cm
m_h - h_h <= 15 cm(अब इतनी लम्बी लड़की मिलनी भी तो मुश्किल ही है भाई..)

where m_h is a rare constant called my height and is equal to 185 cm
and h_h is her height.